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Tell President Obama you support trying suspected terrorists in civilian courts

Help us fight fear with strength

The recent bombing attempt in Times Square has renewed calls for military commissions and other radical new changes to the law. But the truth is that our criminal justice system can handle trying suspected terrorists. Now the administration needs to hear from citizens that believe in our court system.

President Obama announced he would close Guantanamo by January 2010. He mentioned in his speech on national security last May that our courts are “tough enough to convict terrorists.” A wave of criticism--and fearmongering--has jeopardized his efforts to stay the course. Military commissions have recommenced, Guantanamo remains open, and we still don’t have an announcement on what the administration intends to do with 9/11 defendants.

Critics and fearmongers have been using whatever events they can to politicize the issue, but the fact is there is no need for an alternate system. Military commissions are plagued with problems and have only managed to convict three defendants. Our courts have convicted 195 members of al Qaeda or its supporters. Learn more about the facts in our resource center or on our blog.

Let the President know that you support the decision to have faith in the American justice system. That decision upholds our Constitution and is the most effective way to bring suspects to justice.

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