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Your Senator, Holder, Guantanamo: this morning

Attorney General Holder will face the Senate Judiciary Committee today  in what may be a tense hearing.

Close Guantanamo. Trust our courts.

YOUR senator is on the committee – email  to say you support Holder’s decision to try terrorist suspects in federal courts. Because it’s the surest way to get justice.

Dear [First Name],

A couple weeks ago we asked you to send Attorney General Eric Holder a message before he went before the Senate Judiciary committee – saying that you support his decision to try 9/11 suspects in federal courts. That hearing was rescheduled and it's TODAY!

The hearing will likely get heated as certain members of Congress will undoubtedly try to block Holder's efforts.

You can do something. Your senator is on the committee – EMAIL TODAY to ask the committee not to derail efforts to bring terrorist suspects to justice in civilian courts, and support Holder's decision to use our courts!

As Holder goes before this committee, we are also hearing that the administration may buckle to political fearmongering, that deals are being negotiated behind the scenes, and that plans to try detainees in federal courts may be abandoned. We can't let this happen.

The fearmongering led by people like Liz Cheney and her father, the former Vice President, has jeopardized efforts to close Guantanamo, but we know that civilian courts have a better record.

Civilian courts have seen hundreds of convictions since 9/1l vs. 3 in military commissions.

Remind the Senate Judiciary Committee that the facts are for civilian courts – and urge that they support Holder's decision to get justice in federal courts!

We continue to spread those facts to key members of Congress and their staff, and to work with our retired military leaders who stood behind the President when he signed the order to close Guantanamo – insisting that respect for the rule of law must be central to any policy regarding detainees.

We need your voices to join our efforts. Help us show skeptics in the White House that there is public support for federal trials.

Let's not stand aside as our decisionmakers buckle under the politics of fear.

And  please, spread the word!

Sharon Kelly
Communications Director