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Congress Moves to Block Guantanamo Closure (Part 15)

Close Guantanamo - Trust Our Courts

Congress is adding another chapter to its tireless efforts to block Guantanamo's closure.

Already in December, it forbade the use of any Defense Department funds to bring detainees to the United States—but now it's considering extending those restrictions to ANY AND ALL government funds. Such restrictions would needlessly impede the administration from employing one of the most effective tools available to bring terrorism suspects to justice—regular federal courts.

Federal courts have been MUCH more effective at trying terrorist suspects than the military commissions. Federal courts have convicted over 400 terrorists since 9/11. Military commissions: 6. Military experts agree it is in our interest to close Guantanamo.

If passed, these measures would create additional obstacles to closing Guantanamo and bringing terrorism suspects to justice.

Write your members of Congress NOW to urge them to oppose these efforts. Guantanamo must be closed!