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Urge Congress to Oppose the Executive Order Harming our Iraqi allies

President Trump issued an executive order making significant changes to U.S. immigration and refugee policy. It indefinitely blocks the United States from admitting refugees from Syria, puts an extended halt on the entire U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, and drastically reduces the number of refugees the U.S. will admit to 50,000. It also puts a 90-day ban on visitors and immigration from seven countries—Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen—effectively targeting those of Muslim faith, and furthering divisions between our country, its allies, and the millions of women, children, and families in desperate need of refuge.

This executive order not only affects the most vulnerable refugee populations around the world, but it also bars Iraqi allies who served alongside the U.S. military. The White House’s order endangers thousands of Iraqi allies waiting for priority resettlement or visas to come to the United States. Many of them remain in hiding, fearful of reprisal from our enemies due to their service to our country. For the Iraqi allies fortunate enough to have resettled in the United States, the new order leaves their families stranded in danger.

We are concerned that this new policy not only calls into question our nation’s willingness to stand by its allies, it ultimately weakens both our national security and moral standing in the world.

TAKE ACTION NOW to urge your elected representatives to oppose this executive order.