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Stop the Crackdown Against NGOs in Egypt

The Egyptian military is perfecting the Mubarak handbook. Its recent move: prosecuting 43 NGO staff—19 Americans, 16 Egyptians, and 8 others—who have been working to promote democracy in Egypt.

This outrageous attack on civil society is a major threat against efforts to create a democracy in Egypt.

Pro-democracy NGO workers including Basem Fathy—a leading organizer of the Tahrir Square protests and a Human Rights First honoree—are caught up in a politically motivated investigation as the military accuses them of inciting riots paid for by foreign funds.

To turn the page in Egypt, the United States must do all it can to support democracy and the transition to civilian rule. As Senator Leahy said, "the days of blank checks are over!" Tell Secretary Clinton to press the military to drop the charges against NGO workers!