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Tell Congress: Invest in Effective Alternatives to Detention

Tell Congress: Invest in Alternative to Detention Programs

Immigration detention has increased rapidly in the past ten years, and it's been costly. In fact, many people in immigration detention—like asylum seekers who fled persecution from their home countries are seeking haven in the United States and those without criminal records—are deemed low-risk by the government and do not need to be detained at all. They are ideal candidates for effective and less expensive ATDs.

ICE spends $122 a day per detainee. That amounts to $2 billion every year. Current ATD programs, on the other hand, cost an average of $8.88 per detainee per day. That's more than a $100 in daily savings for each detainee.

Tell Congress to be smart with taxpayers' money and prevent unnecessary detention by shifting money away from detention and investing in ATDs.