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Tell your Senator to vote NO on the American SAFE Act

The Senate is considering a motion to proceed on a bill, misleadingly labeled the American SAFE Act, which would effectively halt the resettlement of vulnerable refugees from Iraq and Syria in the United States. These refugees are already the most stringently vetted group entering the United States. They desperately need U.S. protection.

The legislation would require personal sign-off from the Secretary of Homeland Security, the FBI Director, and the Director of National Intelligence to certify each individual refugee and require the onerous process of submitting monthly reports to twelve congressional committees on the status of each refugee reviewed. This level of useless bureaucracy would essentially shut down the system for years and severely handicap future resettlement efforts. 

And according to top national security leaders, it would also exacerbate the refugee crisis by burdening our already strained allies in the Middle East. Twenty of these leaders, including Henry Kissinger, General David Patraeus (Ret.), and Leon Panetta reminded Congress in a letter that rejecting refugees "would be contrary to our nation’s traditions of openness and inclusivity, and would undermine our core objective of combating terrorism."

Tell your Senator to defend the American ideal of providing safe haven to people fleeing violence and persecution by rejecting the American SAFE Act.