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Release the Report on Torture - Americans Deserve the Truth

After a multi-year review of CIA interrogation and detention policies in the years after 9/11, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) has produced a 6,000-plus page report that documents torture committed by the CIA and the resulting consequences. The committee will vote soon on whether to declassify it.  

In the wake of 9/11, the United States turned its back on American ideals when it chose to cross over to the "dark side" and permit the use of torture. Some believe Americans should never know the truth about this shameful chapter in our nation’s recent history and that the Senate’s reportshould remain classified. They are wrong. There is no good reason to keep Americans in the dark. 

If we are to learn from — and continue to reject — the post-9/11 policies that damaged America's moral standing, put our troops at risk and undermined our national security, the SSCI report must be made public. 

Sign this petition to tell the Senate intelligence committee members to release the torture report.