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Stand with U.S. Interrogators: Torture Hindered the Hunt for Bin Laden

Would we have caught osama bin laden sooner without torture

U.S. interrogators agree that torture actually hindered, rather than helped, U.S. efforts to find Bin Laden. They know from experience that it is very difficult to elicit information from a detainee who has been abused.

In fact, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and his successor, Abu Faraj al-Libi, did not provide information while they were being tortured. It was months later that they gave the nickname of a well-trusted aide.

Senator John McCain has said that he knows of "no information [that] was obtained, that would have been useful, by 'advanced interrogation.'"

In the War on Terror, torture has not been an effective way to gather intelligence. In fact, the most wanted men to date have been captured thanks to intelligence developed by interrogators who do not use torture.

Stand with U.S. interrogators and debunk the myth that torture led the U.S. to Bin Laden.


Expert Interrogators: Torture Did Not Lead the U.S. to Bin Laden, It Almost Certainly Prolonged the Hunt

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