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Tell King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa - Kansas City, U.S.A. wants its medal back!

Brutal Dictators Do Not Deserve Medals

The crackdown in Bahrain against democracy advocates continues. Hundreds of people have been detained, at least four have died in custody and there have been widespread reports of torture.

Bahrain's monarchy is headed by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and, according to his biography on the Bahrain's U.S. embassy website, he "was awarded the Freedom Medal of Kansas City, Missouri from the Mayor and people of Kansas City." Kansas City does not want to be associated with a repressive regime. We sent a letter to the Kansas City Mayor Sylvester James asking him to demand the Freedom Medal back from the Bahraini King. Add your name!

Ask Kansas City Mayor Sylvester James to make clear that Kansas City does not stand with the Bahraini King’s appalling human rights record by taking back his Freedom Medal!

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3661 7.1 years ago Laurie Franklin Richfield, MN
3660 7.1 years ago Kevin O'Connell Palos Hills, IL
3659 7.1 years ago Lindsay Hope Kern Portland, OR
3658 7.1 years ago Evelyn Verrill Prescott, AZ
3657 7.1 years ago Michael Moorhead Hilo, HI
3656 7.1 years ago Linda Bescript Tucson, AZ
3655 7.1 years ago Alice Overton New York, NY
3654 7.1 years ago Linda Dawson Carmichael, CA
3653 7.1 years ago Frankie G DeMarco New York, NY
3652 7.1 years ago Frankie G DeMarco New York, NY
3651 7.1 years ago Brian Browne Vineland, NJ
3650 7.1 years ago Theresa Yandell Santa Barbara, CA
3649 7.1 years ago Tom Pieters Brussels, ot
3648 7.1 years ago George M Melby, Pastor Kansas City, KS
3647 7.1 years ago Stan Fitzgerald San Jose, CA
3646 7.1 years ago Dena Schwimmer Los Angeles, CA
3645 7.1 years ago David Osterhoudt Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
3644 7.1 years ago Joyce Stowe-Longchamp Avon, CT
3643 7.1 years ago Rena Lewis Ojai, CA
3642 7.1 years ago Laurens L Battis III Oakland, CA
3641 7.1 years ago Tommy Bacorn Los Angeles, CA
3640 7.1 years ago Anonymous Port Monmouth, NJ
3639 7.1 years ago Erik Schnabel Greencastle, PA
3638 7.1 years ago John Douglas Goleta, CA
3637 7.1 years ago Melissa Cathcart Minneapolis, MN
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