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Senator John Kerry: Stop Arms Sale to Bahrain Dictatorship!

Stop the Department of Defense from selling arms to Bahrains dictator

One lesson the United States should have learned from the Arab Spring is to stop supporting dictators. Apparently, the Pentagon didn't get this memo.

The U.S. Department of Defense is now preparing to sell $53 million worth of armored Humvees and missiles to the dictatorship in Bahrain—at the same time that the Bahraini government is violently cracking down on pro-democracy advocates.

U.S. Senator John Kerry has long opposed arming tyrants. And as Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he has the right to investigate why the United States is rewarding a tyrannical country with records of violently abusing its citizens.

Tell Senator Kerry to stop the arms sale to Bahrain until democracy and human rights are established!

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