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Tell Senators Harry Reid and Carl Levin to keep America secure by rejecting dangerous provisions in the defense bill.

Stop the Militarization of our police and courts

The controversial defense authorization bill is being negotiated behind closed doors.  A decision could come any second — act now!

Tell Senators Harry Reid and Carl Levin to put America's safety first. Urge them to strip away dangerous provisions on the defense bill that perpetuate some of the country's worst mistakes in the struggle against terrorism

Our important ally, Senator Harry Reid, continues to stand strong against these provisions as he negotiates with the Senate Armed Services Committee. Your voice needs to be a part of this negotiation.

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Number Date Name Location
3622 6.9 years ago Dan Schneider Seattle, WA
3621 6.9 years ago Bruce Odelberg Kirkwood, CA
3620 6.9 years ago Jennifer Thompson Vallejo, CA
3619 6.9 years ago Elisabeth Johnson Saint Paul, MN
3618 6.9 years ago Mark Skaret Riverton, CT
3617 6.9 years ago James Nakata Citrus Heights, CA
3616 6.9 years ago Kimberly Wiley Rochester, NY
3615 6.9 years ago Hugh Moore San Diego, CA
3614 6.9 years ago Lindsay Oakes New York, NY
3613 6.9 years ago Sonia Fromang Sebastian, FL
3612 6.9 years ago william kemper national city, CA
3611 6.9 years ago Alan J Nishman Haydenville, MA
3610 6.9 years ago Julia Petipas Somerville, MA
3609 6.9 years ago marianne vogel Milwaukee, WI
3608 6.9 years ago Jennifer Lance Hyampom, CA
3607 6.9 years ago Darien Gardner Northampton, MA
3606 6.9 years ago Joel Trupin Marshfield, VT
3605 6.9 years ago Barbara Brass Roseville, CA
3604 6.9 years ago Stephen J. Mazurek Lewiston, NY
3603 6.9 years ago Elizabeth Eisner Augusta, GA
3602 6.9 years ago Jerome Roth Tempe, AZ
3601 6.9 years ago george steinitz campo, CA
3600 6.9 years ago Jack Phelan Miami Beach, FL
3599 6.9 years ago Daniel Ribiat Los Angeles, CA
3598 6.9 years ago Nic Wellington Kensington, CA
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