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Tell Senators Harry Reid and Carl Levin to keep America secure by rejecting dangerous provisions in the defense bill.

Stop the Militarization of our police and courts

The controversial defense authorization bill is being negotiated behind closed doors.  A decision could come any second — act now!

Tell Senators Harry Reid and Carl Levin to put America's safety first. Urge them to strip away dangerous provisions on the defense bill that perpetuate some of the country's worst mistakes in the struggle against terrorism

Our important ally, Senator Harry Reid, continues to stand strong against these provisions as he negotiates with the Senate Armed Services Committee. Your voice needs to be a part of this negotiation.

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3322 7.2 years ago Kathie Carpenter Needham, MA
3321 7.2 years ago Sharon Fortunak St Paul, MN
3320 7.2 years ago BARBARA KATZ SUNRISE, FL
3319 7.2 years ago Cary Moy Oak Park, IL
3318 7.2 years ago Walter Schmidt Smithtown, NY
3317 7.2 years ago Jim Miller Morton, PA
3316 7.2 years ago O Lewis Los Angeles, CA
3315 7.2 years ago Brian Williams Westland, MI
3314 7.2 years ago Joan Smith Philadelphia, PA
3313 7.2 years ago Brian Alexander Royal Oak, MI
3312 7.2 years ago Dolores Pieper Pieper Franklin, IN
3311 7.2 years ago Mark Rehl Saranac, MI
3310 7.2 years ago Patsy Lowe Simi Valley, CA
3309 7.2 years ago Silfredo Serrano Chicago, IL
3308 7.2 years ago Saundra Crowell Smithtown, NY
3307 7.2 years ago Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill Richmond,, CA
3306 7.2 years ago Jeane Harrison Des Moines, IA
3305 7.2 years ago Dawn Kosec Austintown, OH
3304 7.2 years ago Shelly Young Coaldale, CO
3303 7.2 years ago Frances Murray Brookhaven, PA
3302 7.2 years ago Will Sanchez Hialeah, FL
3301 7.2 years ago Michael Rotcher Mission Viejo, CA
3300 7.2 years ago Kathleen Nelson Denver, CO
3299 7.2 years ago Jackson Gillman Mount Desert, MA
3298 7.2 years ago Ruth Bescript Tucson, AZ
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