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Tell Senators Harry Reid and Carl Levin to keep America secure by rejecting dangerous provisions in the defense bill.

Stop the Militarization of our police and courts

The controversial defense authorization bill is being negotiated behind closed doors.  A decision could come any second — act now!

Tell Senators Harry Reid and Carl Levin to put America's safety first. Urge them to strip away dangerous provisions on the defense bill that perpetuate some of the country's worst mistakes in the struggle against terrorism

Our important ally, Senator Harry Reid, continues to stand strong against these provisions as he negotiates with the Senate Armed Services Committee. Your voice needs to be a part of this negotiation.

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1672 7.2 years ago Madelynn Frazier Springfield, MO
1671 7.2 years ago Constance Starr Boulder, CO
1670 7.2 years ago Debra Garcia Berkeley, CA
1669 7.2 years ago Richard Sroczynski Piscataway, NJ
1668 7.2 years ago Douglas Fowley Woodland Hills, CA
1667 7.2 years ago Dacia Soulliere Rochelle, IL
1666 7.2 years ago Gerda Seaman Chico, CA
1665 7.2 years ago Rae Newman san diego, CA
1664 7.2 years ago Marie Garescher Peekskill, NY
1663 7.2 years ago Peter Dachs Seattle, WA
1662 7.2 years ago William Vinett Nashville, TN
1661 7.2 years ago Judith Bohler Ephrata, PA
1660 7.2 years ago Vincent De Stefano Pasadena, CA
1659 7.2 years ago Lowell Palm Washington Court House, OH
1658 7.2 years ago Rosmarie Shaughnessy Oak Park, IL
1657 7.2 years ago Bruce Denny Shawano, WI
1656 7.2 years ago Bill Struven Long Beach, CA
1655 7.2 years ago Michael Deayala San Francisco, CA
1654 7.2 years ago Patrick Cameron El Cajon, CA
1653 7.2 years ago Cynthia Moore WILMINGTON, DE
1652 7.2 years ago Frank Sabatini Exeter, PA
1651 7.2 years ago Joe Meyer Amery , WI
1650 7.2 years ago Joy Keeping Richmond, TX
1649 7.2 years ago Steve Schueth Chicago, IL
1648 7.2 years ago Mikki Chalker Binghamton, NY
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