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Tell the Senate to Block Trump’s Nominees Until White Nationalists are Out

Recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia are a stark reminder that while the purveyors of hate in America remain a fringe minority, their growing sense of support from the White House can have potentially deadly consequences.


In the immediate aftermath of what can only be described as an act of domestic terrorism, members of Congress from both sides of the political aisle condemned the vile white supremacist ideology that animated the rally, emphasizing that such hatred has no place in America. But President Trump did not follow suit.


Given an opportunity to lay blame where it should rightfully rest—with Nazis and white supremacists—America’s president has doubled down on the idea that “many sides” are to blame for Charlottesville’s violence. 


Trump’s message to white supremacists and antisemites is clear: those who promote hatred can act with impunity.


This message is underscored by the continued presence of white nationalists in the White House, including Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka.


Gorka has well-documented ties to white nationalist and extremist ideology, but also has the president's ear, which gives him influence over the administration's policies. 


Now is a time for action. Tell your senators to demand that the administration remove the voices of white nationalism from its ranks by refusing to move forward on any administration appointments until President Trump fires Sebastian Gorka.