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Urge Congress to Address the Border Crisis by Properly Funding Immigration Courts

Protecting refugees who flee persecution is a core American value. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of individuals crossing the border and requesting asylum or other protection. Some are held for months in jail-like conditions and those who are released wait years for a hearing in the backlogged immigration courts.

The current crisis at the border makes it more clear than ever that there is a pressing need to properly fund the immigration courts, asylum offices, and other mechanisms so that asylum seekers are not unnecessarily detained, receive proper screening interviews, and do not have to wait for years for a hearing.

Human Rights First recently released a Blueprint on How to Protect Refugees and Prevent Abuse at the Border, recommending tools both for the administration and for Congress on how to address this crisis. Click here to read the report and use the petition below to join us in calling on Congress to address the border crisis!

Report: How to Protect Refugees and Prevent Abuse at the Border

Help us urge Congress to address the border crisis by properly funding immigration courts.