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Tell Congress to Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban

President Donald J. Trump signs Executive Order

After the courts blocked President Trump’s January 27th executive order, he issued a new order on March 6th dressed up in a less discriminatory veneer. But it still has the same bigoted intent of stigmatizing refugees—especially those from Muslim-majority countries.

The so-called “pause” in refugee admissions will throw a wrench in the entire resettlement system by causing security clearances to lapse, forcing vulnerable refugees to wait many months to several years longer to reach safety. Refugees are already thoroughly vetted and security enhancements can be added without halting the entire process. Families will remain divided and unable to reunite. And by singling out six Muslim-majority countries for visa bans, he’s sending the same message that Muslims are not welcome in the United States.

Congress needs to know that you oppose this executive order and any policy that puts refugees at risk. National security leaders agree that rejecting refugees endangers our national security by fueling ISIS propaganda and increasing the strain on our allies in the Middle East that already host vast numbers of refugees.

Most importantly, the order violates the American ideals inscribed on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” undermining our global standing and long tradition of being a beacon of freedom to the world.

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