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Senators: Don’t Give Up Power to Debate War

Stop the Militarization of our Police and Courts

The House of Representatives passed a defense bill that contains measures to strip Congress' critical role in warmaking decisions, expand war against terrorism to countries such as Yemen, Somalia and the Western Sahara, and force the military into a new mission as judge, jury and jailor of all future foreign terrorism suspects.

Before authorizing costly new wars, Congress should have a full debate on the current threats facing the United States and the best response to those threats.  Neither the House nor Senate has held even one hearing on these new provisions.

Now the Senate Armed Services Committee will have an opportunity to include or exclude these measures in the Senate version of the defense bill this week.

Send a clear message to Congress that it should not place politics ahead of national security.

Sign the petition and tell the Senate Armed Services Committee to secure America through national security policies that are based on facts, uphold American values and protect the rule of law.