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Oppose Trump's Muslim Refugee Ban

President Trump's executive order halting the refugee resettlement program and banning travel for nationals from several Muslim-majority countries is now in effect.

The Supreme Court required exceptions to the ban, saying the administration cannot bar admission of refugees or travelers who have a "bona fide relationship" with a person or entity in the United States.

But the Trump Administration defines this as close family only--failing to acknowledge the bona fide relationship refugees have with U.S. resettlement agencies. It also caps refugee resettlement to 50,000 this fiscal year--a number that will soon be met--preventing the protection of any additional vulnerable refugees until September 2018.

Tell President Trump that blocking refugees is a shameful failure of American leadership.

This so-called “pause” in refugee admissions will throw a wrench in the entire resettlement system by causing security clearances to lapse, forcing vulnerable refugees to wait many months to several years longer to reach safety. Refugees are already thoroughly vetted and security enhancements can be added without halting the entire process. Families will remain divided and unable to reunite. And by singling out six Muslim-majority countries for visa bans, he’s sending the same message that Muslims are not welcome in the United States.

What’s more, national security leaders agree that rejecting refugees endangers our national security by fueling ISIS propaganda and increasing the strain on our allies in the Middle East that already host vast numbers of refugees.

Tell President Trump that you aren’t falling for his lies.